8 Jul 2006

My latest for my birdlist 2006

143. Stock Dove

I was on duty at the birdhide on Belfast Harbour Reserve and two woodpigeons landed very close by followed by at first glance another immature woodpigeon, however on closer examination it was a Stock Dove .Stock doves are similar in plumage and size to rock doves/feral pigeons. They are largely blue-grey with an attractive iridescent bottle green band on the back of the neck. In flight they show black edges to the wing and two partial black bands near their back. Unlike rock doves/feral pigeons they do not have pale rumps. They are widely distributed in the UK, except for parts of northern Scotland and Ireland, with particularly high densities in the English Midlands and South West. Over half their European population is found in the UK.

My Birding is going very slowly at the moment as I have set up the kitchen in my new job and I have now started getting up at 3.45am to go to work to make the soup, sandwiches, panini's and Ciabatta's for the seven cafes, soon to be eight. Once the initial problems have been ironed out I should have some more time.

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