18 Oct 2006

I looked most of the summer for one and then two appear on the hedge in front of the house.

No New Birds for the list.

I got home from work yesterday and looked out of our sitting room window at the bird feeders which I have positioned in a hedge and they were humming with Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Blue tit, Dunnock, House sparrow. Infact there were so many birds that it seemed to be attracting more and more in. There were two goldcrests right below the feeders and a couple of Bullfinches arrived and then my eye was attracted by a vivid yellow ( Ah I thought Canada Warbler) no sadly not, but in my mind just as good it was a Yellowhammer and then I noticed that there were a pair. I had been looking for them for weeks and weeks in the summer before I found one. So to find another within a few metres of the house was a real buzz. Especially as they are in a marked decline here in Northern Ireland see here


Butterstick Lover said...

I'm sure it was a real treat to see yellowhammers so close to the house.

Thank you for your observations. I really enjoy your blog.

alan dalton said...

Hi there. Good to see yellowhammers are still hanging in there!Mail address below for you, look forward to hearing from you.