13 Feb 2007


A very sad morning the cat has killed and brought into the house the Grey Wagtail that has been attacking the mirrors of our cars since September last year. It has been doing it now on a daily basis for five months and I had grown very fond of it.I hate cats and hope we will be able to rehome it soon.


Jonix said...

It's not a good combination, birds and cats. Once on my backyard, i saved a little parakeet from the teeths of a cat, it was a "hard fight", but you really saved the poor parakeet.

Caerphilly said...

I had a Grey wagtail in the house not so long ago - photograph at http://www.pbase.com/andrew57/image/58774729

It clearly tried to fly through the room from the terrace windows and somehow collided with the furniture. We get them flying over reasonably frequently but I've never seen one attacking its own image. A sad end for yours.