24 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas to All that visit this Blog. Birdguides.Com "Photo of the Week"

201. Woodcock

Peregrine's Bird Facts The tiny feathers that are located at the tip of the Woodcock's wings are referred to as "pin feathers" and these are much sought after by artists for fine painting work.

On Thursday when I came home from my office christmas lunch, which was absolutely superb, at "Ginger" in Belfast I found I had been chosen for Birdguides.com "Photo of the week" for the above photograph with the following citation.

Better known as the author of Peregrine's Bird Blog and for his photos of the rarities passing through Northern Ireland, Craig Nash has this week submitted a delightful seasonable image of a Goldfinch perched on a holly sprig. Despite their stunning appearance, Goldfinches are often overlooked by bird photographers and have never before been the subject of a BirdGuides Photo of the Week. Craig's portrait perfectly captures the warm tones of the weak winter sunlight, the red on the bird's face and single berry standing out against the complementary green background and holly leaves. The side lighting provides such strong modelling that you feel you could touch the holly, whilst the bird's pose and the catch-light in the eye bring the shot to life.

Photo of the Week citation, Thursday 20th December 2007

So I was understandably on a high.Birdguides is an excellent site if you want to know where the rarities are in Britain and want to see photos of them as well. I have been taking a few photographs of birds sitting on a hollybush recently. I had hoped for a Robin but it never came close enough.However here is a nice one of a Greenfinch.

Now I have three days off over christmas and I am really hoping for some nice light so that I can go out and take some more photos.

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that it goes smoothly. Just remember if it doesnt you can always slip outside and do some birding:-)


Andrew said...

Congratulations Craig and very best wishes for 2008.


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