29 Apr 2009

Godwits at Belfast Harbour Reserve

Today the RSPB in Northern Ireland are having a staff day out at Crawfordsburn Country Park (I love to see how the memberships are put to waste) I think it will probably be a Team rebuilding effort now that Anthony McGeehan has been sacked. I just hope they actually tell the rest of the staff why they have sacked him. I suspect it will all be glossed over.

Anthony told me some time ago about a previous staff day where the question was put "What should an RSPB employee be" and he rather succinctly put it that "An RSPB employee should be fired with enthusiasm or fired with enthusiasm" some didnt understand what he meant. Now ironically he has been fired with enthusiasm for being fired with enthusiasm.

Well in the last few weeks I have been taking a few photos of the Black Tailed Godwits at the Harbour Reserve now that food is being put out for them and are coming close enough to photograph.

If you click on an image they will appear at a larger size in a seperate window.


Dale Forbes said...

holy cow, those are the most incredible godwit photos I have ever seen.
How close were you able to get to them? and the backgrounds stunningly highlight the rusty birds.


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Dale It is probably one of the best places in the world to photograph them close up. Even though all these shots have been taken through a glass window.

Dale Forbes said...

truly phenomenal, I have got to get out there to visit you some time!

Amanda Smtih said...

Yes, amazing photos but I'm more interested in the news about Anthony. I met him 11 years ago when he had just started work at the reserve. It was his pride and joy! What happened?

MaineBirder said...

Awesome Godwit photos! The close-up is exquisite!

Gyorgy Szimuly (SzimiStyle) said...

Outstanding images. How about the entry to the site permission wise?