25 Jun 2009

Birdwatch Magazine

Excellent Issue of Birdwatch Magazine this month. Firstly it has a couple of my photos adorning it's pages. Secondly on the front cover is a free CD "Birding from the Hip" A Sound approach anthology.
It is a foretaste of Anthony McGeehan's new book of the same name that is coming out at the Birdfair in August.it will also have accompanying CD's .It also has some nice illustrations by Killian Mullarney who in my opinion is one of the finest bird illustrators in the world.This particular CD has three stories. The first about the Dupont's Lark, The second about how he identifies a "peep" from a "British Birds" picture Quiz and thirdly a story from the RSPB Belfast Harbour Reserve.

The first is informative and if you don't know much about the Dupont's Lark you will hear how beautifully they sing. The second and third are amusing stories especially the Belfast Harbour story in light of recent events. Oh yes by the way The Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland found there was no case to answer in the supposed illegal trapping on the Belfast Harbour Reserve for which he was sacked.. I think the RSPB will have difficulty at an Industrial Tribunal where I hope that intelligence will overcome stupidity.

Go and buy it!!!!!


Dale Forbes said...

Congrats on the photos, I'll have to have a closer look through it and find them.


Owen said...

Nice one C

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig

Sorry to see you no longer on Sunday afternoons at the reserve. We enjoyed our chats about cameras etc

I am glad to see Anthony was found to be not at fault as you know Stephen and I have known him for many years.
It seemed so unlikely on top of all those allegations last summer.

We met the new warden and were underwhelmed. I would say enthusiastic but definate lack of knowledge.We wish him well nevertheless. He has a hard act to follow.

Hope we'll see you on the reserve sometime.

Mary M

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the photos getting into Birdwatch.
Blog a good read as ever.