17 Jul 2009

The Gannet and the Dog

On Monday I went down to Baltray to see the Little Terns. The noise of them in the air as you approached the breeding area was brilliant. They have had a very succesful breeding season this year.

This was my best image of the day I had far better success last year. There was also this very confiding Pied Wagtail.
There were also quite a few Ringed Plover.

On my way back I saw what I thought were two Gannets on the water and on looking closer saw it was this dog and the Gannet. The Gannet escaped. I wouldnt have liked the dogs chances anyway having once found a Gannet grounded out at Killard. When I went to pick it up it stabbed me in the arm!! I took it to one of the National Trust Wardens at Castleward. Kit fed it on a diet of sardines.Unfortunately it died about three days later.


Timothy Belmont said...

A demi-tame gannet featured on the One Show last week at Tiggywinkles or whatever. They were attempting to get it to fend for itself by diving in for fish they supplied. Beautiful bird - what a big beak. I can understand your reluctance to get too close after Killard!

I'm off to Rathlin for a few days next week; hopefully pay a visit to the RSPB west light.


Jose's World said...

Magnificent bird images, most of these I had never seen before.