6 May 2010

The Birdlife Community

I follow Birdlife International on Twitter and they post links to various stories about birds from around the world. These usually link to their Birdlife Community web pages.

At the moment they are very good at bringing the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which has to be particularly worrying at the moment. Here is one of their stories about all the Important Bird Areas at risk from the oil spill. 

This website really brings all the important bird conservation news into one place. Whether it is about the Illegal hunting in Malta , or about protecting wilderness areas in Poland , or a video about saving the Sociable Lapwing , or protecting the Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo in Australia , or bringing PEP (Birdlife's Preventing Extinctions Programme ) to the Pacific. The threat to the Houbara Bustard in South Africa, or even news about the Argentinians protecting the Southern Rockhopper Penguin .

There also links to Blogposts by various people who work for Birdlife International. Here is one by Barbara Neversil who works for Birdlife Switzerland at the moment these are mainly European but hopefully in time there will be blogs from Birdlife partners from further afield.

In addition there is a section of videos and in this example is Birdlife's Born to Travel Campaign.

You can follow "The Birdlife Community" a number of ways whether through
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and by posting 
photos to their Flickr site so that they can use them free of charge.

The Flickr site is in it's infancy.

So I highly recommend that you bookmark this site and make regular visits.


BirdLife International said...

Thanks for the great review of The BirdLife Community


Levinson Axelrod said...

Nice campaign. This is great news.