22 Aug 2010

A Great Egret The second rarity a few miles from my house in the past fortnight.

I received a text from Gerard McGeehan to say that a Great Egret had been seen at the Quoile on saturday afternoon and at the time I was still at work so I headed down there after work and didn't see anything apart from a couple of Green Sandpipers.

Then this morning I was on my way to have breakfast at my favourite cafe Picnic in Killyleagh when Ian Graham rang to say it had been seen and had it come towards my house. I checked to see if it was visible from the house but unfortunately not.

After breakfast Ian kindly texted me again to say the Great Egret was back at the Quoile. So I headed down there and was pleased to see the bird. My previous sighting was a couple of years back up on Lough Beg. So a Spoonbill and a Great Egret in the space of a couple of weeks. What Next?


Snail said...

What next, indeed? Good luck!

Great egrets are magnificent birds.

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Wow what a great 2 weeks! Beautiful bird.