21 Nov 2010

Waxwing in Belfast


I popped up to Belfast this morning hoping to photograph some Waxwings. I parked in a carpark adjacent to the River Lagan. I could hear the Waxwings as soon as I got out, little did I think when I left home that the carpark would be absolutely full of people, rowers, joggers etc. Too many people and there were initially only five waxwing to be seen high up in a tree over looking the carpark. I also met up with fellow bird photographer Danny Boyd who was also hoping to photograph them as well. He showed me his new camera of which I was fairly envious :-) Sadly the birds didn't play ball and flew off.

So we went our separate ways and I headed in the direction of where I had seen them fly. Luckily there was one in a tree on its own and I was able to get a shot.


Klaus said...

Don't quite know how I landed here, but sure enjoyed it! Great photos of birds, we don't get to see in Florida!

George said...

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Anne McCormack said...

I didn't know that Cedar Waxwings wandered as far as Belfast! I see them here in Missouri, USA, but their movements are unpredictable. I was able to get a few photos when they visited my backyard pond. Really enjoyed your blog!

Steve Moss said...

Really excited today as we saw a flock of waxwings in County Meath. They were in the garden briefly tucking into berries on cotoneasters.
This is the first time I've seen them in southern Ireland. The waxwing is so pretty. Sadly they didn't stay long. December 6th 2012.