25 Apr 2011

A Few More Migrants And A Lifer. Not A Bird This Time But A Pine Marten

Had a great day I first of all headed to Castle Island Hide on the Quoile and spent some time watching a pair of Little Egrets courting. Then a Little Gull flew once around the bay followed by some Common Terns. They didn't like what they saw and headed to the opposite end of the pondage. 
Little Gull at Quoile Pondage
Then it was quiet and I walked down the road hoping to hear the Grasshopper Warblers that I had heard a few days ago. Nothing only Blackcaps and Willow Warblers but it was later in the day and the Groppers tend to sing in the early morning or evening.

Male Blackcap at Quoile Pondage
I then headed over to Killard and there were a few Whimbrel on the shoreline and quite a few Whitethroat calling. There was also a Kestrel hovering almost motionless in the strong and quite chilly breeze. I noticed a quadbike had ridden along the tideline where the Ringed Plover breed. I didn't see any evidence of damage thankfully.
Whitethroat Display Flight
In the afternoon I walked from my house to Castle Ward the local National Trust Estate where I used to live. The NT has cleared 18km of paths within the estate and they are brilliant. As I was walking down one of them I heard a Blackbird calling with alarm and I looked over and there was the first Pine Marten I had ever seen in the wild jumping across some branches. Sadly I only got two record shots of which this is the best. It gave me a real buzz.
Pine Marten at Castle Ward Estate

I then carried on down to Temple Water and the Ring Necked Duck was still there with a female Tufty. He wasn't letting any of the other Male Tufties anywhere near her.
Ring Necked Duck at Castle Ward

Ring Necked Duck and Female Tufted Duck

As I was walking home I found a Buzzards Nest so all in all a pretty good day.

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