20 Jun 2011

More Bad News from RSPB Belfast Harbour

On friday a fox was seen going under the Tern Island in front of the main viewing hide and then coming up through a hole onto the main platform of the island. So little hope for the eggs or chicks that were on the island.

The Tern Island has obviously been allowed to get into this parlous state and it just seems to me they couldn't care less any more.

When is the RSPB in Northern Ireland going to understand that the "P" in RSPB stands for "Protection".
That is the "Protection" of birds not foxes.

It is high time Mike Clarke the boss of the RSPB and James Robinson RSPBNI Director sorted out these problems.

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Richard S said...

This is a poor state of affairs for what used to be an excellent reserve. Clearly the RSPB are in a state of disarray currently.