16 Dec 2010

I and the Bird #140 and Twitter

I and the Bird

Wow "I and the Bird" is still here and so am I. Exactly 100 editions ago on 7 January 2007 I hosted the #40th Edition of "I and the Bird". How time flies when you are having fun. I find unlike the regularity of "I and the Bird" I now blog irregularly compared to when I started. So for all those that host "I and the Bird" fortnight after fortnight I am in admiration.

I now read far more birding blog posts than I used to and this is primarily down to Twitter.  I have thoroughly taken to Twitter and I reckon if you are a blogger who blogs about birds or a bird photographer it is an excellent form of social media to promote your blog or photography, infact far better than Facebook. You will also over time make quite good friends as well.  So please feel free to follow me @Birdblogger   

One of the wonders of following loads of birders and bird photographers on Twitter is that all these people are tweeting about things they have seen or posting links to interesting subjects. So for those not on Twitter it's time to join.

In this edition of "I and the Bird" there are some that tweet and others that don't. So I am going to going to describe the link within 140 letters as you have to on twitter. If the blogger is on twitter I will start it with their twitter name and then a second link within the tweet will be to the post in question.If they are not on twitter I will start with an imaginary twitter address which will be linked to their post.

@Docforestal  Dan Huber went to Hammonasset Beach and took photos of Ring-billed Gull, Northern Harrier and Waders. http://bit.ly/hgt7cj

@Tyto_Tony Tony asks himself whether he should be helping a juvenile Pacific Baza (Crested Hawk) that has fallen from the nest.

@Dreamfalcon Dreamfalcon is giving the results of his Quiz from a "Walk in the Snow part 3" http://bit.ly/fg3mpC

@Ben_Cruachan Duncan from Australia has been watching the Grey Fantail building it's beautiful nest.

@Dendroica John has found a Northern Parula staying in New Jersey a wee bit longer than expected.

@Twin_Cities_Naturalist Kirk has been using a motion activated camera to photograph a Bald eagle on a deer carcass.

 @The_Ridger Karen spent time with her father over Thanksgiving and you should see the birds she saw. http://bit.ly/ejBr5v

@Nemesis_Bird Alex has been watching Hawks and Raptors in Snowy Weather

@The-Birders-Lounge Amber has been studying the White Ibis an ancient idol.

 @GrrlScientist  This post invites YOU to join in the World Parrot Count an international citizen science project http://bit.ly/fQ9Ttk

@Slugyard  Mike found three different species of Woodpecker in his backyard including the biggest and smallest in America.

@CountYourChickens BLUE, BLUE, BLUE Jill has been out photographing  Eastern Bluebirds 

@Focussing JSK was driving from Howard's Covered Bridge when she came across a juvie Red Shouldered Hawk.

@10,000_Birds Corey has been birding in the high elevation grasslands of Ecuador in the Antisana Ecological Reserve.

@gregladen Greg has been watching some ducks being blown about both at home and on youtube. http://bit.ly/e4F9fc

@Soaringfalcon1 Larry has posted his favourite Bird Photographs from this year. http://bit.ly/e9oXO8

@WanderinWeeta    Susannah has been in Rome or was it Boundary Bay looking at Sanderling and Dunlin   http://bit.ly/gUp1My

The Next Edition of "I and the Bird" is being hosted by Robert Mortensen who can be found on Twitter @Birding_Is_Fun  send him your blogpost to birdingisfun at gmail.com or contact him on Twitter.






Mike said...


Susannah Anderson said...

I sent you a post via e-mail, because Twitter froze on me. Did you not get it?

The post was about Sanderlings and Dunlins in Boundary Bay.

Mike B. said...

Alright, alright, I got the message. Slugyard officially exists on Twitter. Time to do some exploring!

Susannah Anderson said...

Thanks, Craig!

Tyto Tony said...

Well done, Craig! Might even get me back on Twitter, but not FB.

Anonymous said...

Love this presentation in the twitter way!

Kirk said...

Great idea to promote everyone's twitter feeds!