25 Apr 2006

I dipped today :-(

Last night I received a Text at quarter to midnight saying there was a wood sandpiper at the Belfast Harbour Hide so as I had to go to Belfast anyway I thought I would try and see it.
When I got there,at about 9.00, I was praying(figure of speech) it was still there.However as I arrived I received a txt saying that it couldn't be seen this morning. Anyway I had a look but to no avail but did see an Iceland Gull flying off the lagoon(Thanks Anthony)

With the wood sandpiper, I felt it was similar to playing the lottery before you check your numbers,there is a feeling of maybe just maybe I will win/see it. On the way up I was really looking forward to seeing it as I had read up about it and had a pretty good idea of what it would look like from both Birdguides.com and Birdforum so it was a disappointment when it wasnt there. Met a nice Australian guy in the hide who was over researching records about his past which included a Quayle from Portaferry (I live about three miles from Portaferry next door to a family called Quayle)and who was also doing a bit of birding while he was over here. (If he reads this and comes back next year do get in touch with me through this blog and we could go birdwatching again.)

When I got home I was looking through some old photos from last year and came across some unidentified birds.
1. A sedge warbler maybe?

2. A stonechat?

3. A Willow Warbler ?

Anybody who can help please post message either here or on Birdforum.

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Anonymous said...

the 1st two piccies are what you suggested in my opinion but number 3 has dark legs, so not willow warbler, maybe something like reed?