21 Apr 2006

Today I am very Happy; The housemartins that nest in the eaves have returned :-)

123. Wheatear Oenanthe Oenanthe

I have been getting progressively more and more worried that our housemartins had come to an unfortunate end. Having first seen some on April 9th not far from the house it was with enormous relief that when I came home mid morning from posting yet another job application . There were two lovely housemartins flying into last years nest. It really made my day on top of which it was an absolutely gorgeous one at that. It has to be the nicest day this year so far. In our garden (More lawn than anything else) in a wild area the primroses and the cowslips are flowering all over the place.
They seem to be later this year; out at Killard usually by now there are banks of primroses flowering.

I took Pickle out to Killard and was happy to see the white rump of a Wheatear

(I couldnt get that close to it so photo is rather small)
It was my first of the year and to think it had come all the way from Central Africa.

Oh Yes Happy 80th Birthday to the Queen

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