13 Aug 2006

A Spotted Redshank and some great views of Reed Warblers

145. Spotted Redshank
146. Mediterranean Gull

Today I added two more to my year list. I am really looking forward to getting to 150 and even better my target of 160 for the year. I was on duty again at the RSPB Hide on Belfast Harbour. It is a great spot considering it covers about 25 acres. It has a list that is approaching two hundred different species of birds in the last ten years. For example this year we have had seven different types of tern visiting Arctic, Common, Roseate, Sandwich, Forster's, Little, White winged Black tern. Well I personally havent :-(

Today I was looking out of the hide at a little shingle bank thirty yards from the hide and I said to Anthony that the Redshank looked a little odd and he looked and said yes a Juvenile Spotted Redshank, I raced out side and told four birders who had just left, who gratefully returned to have a look. This bird had been seen the previous day by Derek Charles and when he came in he pointed out a Mediterranean Gull to me. Gull identification is not easy for me I suppose the more I look at them the more likely to notice the differences between say Med Gull and Black Headed Gull. I have a very good reference book on gulls Which I read when I can.

Last week Anthony cut a path through the reeds outside the hide which made it alot easier to see the family of Reed Warblers, infact I had four in view in the scope and there were a few sedge warblers around as well.

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Hornet said...

Congrats on the spotted redshank and the med gull - and don't worry, you're not alone with gull identification.