8 Aug 2006

A Yellowhammer but no Franklin's Gull and other birding news from the last few weeks.

144. Yellowhammer

(You may or may not notice this is the same number as before. Somebody pointed out that I had linnet on my list twice.

Finally I have seen a Yellowhammer. I have never seen one in Northern Ireland. I have been asking over the last couple of months where I might find them and have been out specifically looking for them. I was told below Scrabo Tower I might find them and nearer to home I was told of a few places. So on my way home from work (of course via the Belfast Hide, which is six minutes from work) I was thinking I must look at all birds on the telephone wires and within thirty seconds of thinking it and about five hundred yards from my friends David and Celia I saw a bird singing from the top of a telegraph pole. I pulled the car over opened the sunroof and bingo there was an adult male yellowhammer singing its heart out.

Three days ago on saturday I received a text from Joe Lamont to say he had found a Franklins Gull at the Whitehouse Lagoon. As it arrived in the evening and I was 30 miles away in Strangford I decided not to bother. As driving to Belfast twice in a day can be tiresome and not to mention the cost of petrol nowadays. Anyway I was on duty at the RSPB hide on Sunday afternoon and during which time I heard that it had been seen again by another birder Phil. So I headed off there after work. I hadnt been there before so took a wee while finding it but the row of birders with scopes alerted me to the fact I must be in the right place. I seem to have a habit of turning up within a few minutes of a rarity flying off and for them not too return.

As I cant upload images at present I will post and add images at a later date.

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