12 Sep 2006

Finally Catch up with the Lesser Yellowlegs

153. Lesser Yellowlegs

After work today I headed down to Dundrum again to look for the Lesser Yellowlegs. The closer I got to Dundrum the worse the fog was getting and I wondered whether I would be able to see anything at all by the time I got there. I decided to go to the Carrigs river which runs into the inner bay and I hadnt gone more than five hundred yards when there it was. I was looking through my binoculars through my passenger window and I thought I would get the scope to have a look at the detail more carefully and I looked up again and it had gone. I couldnt find it but was mightily relieved that I had at least caught up with it.
Here is a nice shot of one by Bill Schmoker.His images can be found here
This is an american wader and a few are found annually in Western Europe primarily in August and September

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