19 Sep 2006

My first Little Stint

156. Little Stint

When I get up at ten to three in the am I always ring Flightline (00442891 467408)The Northern Ireland Birdwatchers Association's answering machine that is updated every day with rare or uncommon birds seen in Northern Ireland and the South of Ireland. A little Stint had been seen on the reserve in Belfast yesterday so I hoped it would still be there later on in the morning.

Again I finished work promptly and txted Anthony to see if bird still there. It was. So I headed over at a moderate speed ;-)
It could be viewed from hide but not easily and then there was the morning attack by the peregrine.
which displaced all the small waders. But after a while it reappeared. It was closer to one of the other hides so I headed over to it.

It was really too far away for my lens but above is a record shot. There was also two ruff and two pectoral sandpipers over by the hide as well.

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alan dalton said...

Hi there Craig,
Very nice blog, have taken the liberty of adding it to my favourites.
Was wondering what kind of wader you were thinking of with regard to the sketch you would like...
also, could you say hello and send my best wishes to Anthony Mc Geehan and family, have not seen him in many years.
You can find me at the blog, till then, thanks for your interest.