20 Nov 2006

A nice surprise gift of a Peregrine sketch.

No new birds for the list

A few posts ago I mentioned Alan Dalton an Irish Birder living in Sweden and his Bird Art and how I had been given a sketch of some Black Tailed Godwits well it arrived and he had very kindly added another picture which was of a Peregrine. Thank you Alan. Once I get my sister Tyrella to frame it I can add it to my slowly growing collection of Peregrine Falcons. I bought one about ten years ago by a Mr Straughan a Belfast artist (Of whom I can find no further information) which I think is lovely and Tyrella gave me another by Andrew Stock who has been The President of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) since 2004. Tyrella does some of his picture framing from her studio attached to her B and B

Well the only bird photos from the last couple of days that I have taken are of a Greenshank and a Snipe. The light has been grey all the time and it has been raining alot recently so I have been shooting at high ISO. The snipe is fairly small in the frame but I was amazed at the length of his wings!!

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