13 Nov 2006

Some very nice Birthday presents and a few more bird photos.

No New Birds

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First of all I disliked the google ad at the top of the blog so have removed it. Its not a great money earner anyway. So far I have earned £46.43 over eight months and as far as I can work out you dont get paid until you reach £50. I think it looks better to the eye when one opens the blog up without it.

Well for my birthday I have been given two birdy items. The first from my sister Tyrella was an infrared nestbox kit from Eco-Watch. Now the question is where to put the nestbox so that I can see live images on my TV. Well i've got at least six months to decide before the breeding season starts all over again! I hope that she got herself one to put up outside her lovely wee Bed and Breakfast in Scotland. She has crossbills that frequent her garden, a bird I have yet to see , as well as Red Squirrels that come to her bird feeders .

My second present which has yet to arrive is a sketch of some Black Tailed Godwits by Alan Dalton, an Irish birder living in Sweden. He is a very talented bird artist. You can see some of his work on Birdforum under the monniker Buzzard12 here. I am slowly building up a collection of Bird sketches, paintings and prints.

Well yesterday I was out with the camera again and here are a few images. The first a bird I find very difficult to photograph as they never sit still and are also very small. The Goldcrest.

The next four photos are birds that are in my garden. Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch and Bluetit.

In the afternoon I went out to Killard National Nature reserve just as the sun was setting and I found the Grey Plover out on the rocks with much to my surprise another one. So hopefully they will both stay the winter.

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Eve said...

Nice to know that the Grey Plover has found some company. The photo of them is stunning - beautiful light and background, quite magical.