24 Mar 2010

Birding from The Delphi Club in the Bahamas part 2

In front of the lodge there is a beautiful beach which attracts a certain amount of birdlife. On my first morning I saw this juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron and saw it regularly over the week. It seemed to stand behind holes made in the beach by crabs where they hide before dashing to the sea.

Over the week I saw Little Blue Heron, Snowy Egret and Great Blue Heron on the beach. The Great Blue Heron is certainly quite a lot bigger than our Grey Heron. It tended to fish in the sea as some of the larger fish pushed baitfish into the shore.

Before I went out to the Bahamas i was hoping to see some different shorebirds so was a bit surprised to find Turnstones and Sanderling being the first ones that I saw.

Then one afternoon it was raining lightly and I thought I would see if there was anything different and was pleased to find some accomodating Wilson's Plover.

There were some American Oystercatcher but I found them difficult to get close to. This is heavily cropped image.

The only other shorebirds that I saw was some were Grey Plover or Black-bellied Plover as they call them over there and a flock of Short-billed Dowitcher out on the marls.

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Friend of HK said...

What a lovely beach and beautiful birds!