14 Mar 2010

The Delphi Club at Rolling Harbour

I arrived on Great Abaco Island after an eight and three quarter hour flight from London to Nassau and then a half hour flight to Marsh Harbour. Our connections were so tight that we ended flying to Marsh Harbour without our luggage which we were assured would follow the next day. My father and I were then driven by taxi the twenty miles to The Delphi Club where we were staying. It was around 6.00pm and we didnt see one bird on the journey. It is a wonderful lodge in the style of the 18th Century Plantation houses similar to those in the south of the United States. It is situated on a bluff at Rolling Harbour on the east coast of the island looking westwards to the Atlantic. It overlooks a stunning white sandy beach with the turquoise seas beyond.

This Lodge is the inspiration of Peter Mantle who owns the wonderful Delphi Lodge in Co Mayo.(Below)
It had been his dream to replicate the idea of his fishing lodge in Co. Mayo to the Bahamas. The result of which is The Delphi Club at Rolling Harbour. It is absolutely fabulous.

We arrived and were shown to our room, there are eight rooms with six on the ground floor. The room is the width of the building and has a small deck on the seaward side. After we had freshened up we went upstairs and were warmly welcomed by Peter and his wife Jane in the form of a gin and tonic from the bar. In both of the lodges the bar is an honesty bar that is to say you make your own drinks and write down what you have to be totted up at the end of the week.

Some of the weeks guests were on the same flight as us from London but on a different flight to Marsh Harbour , which was delayed and we were not sure they were going to arrive that evening so we went ahead with dinner.

Dinner at the Delphi Club is usually started by canapes coming around the guests before sitting around a long table where all the guests sit wherever they like similar to a large dinner party.

It immediately gives the feeling of a large house party. The food is simply excellent. The Chef Gareth Reid is from Northern Ireland and had been working at Delphi in Mayo for four years and before that had worked with the Michelin starred chef Tom Aiken in London.

The other guests did eventually arrive and fortunately for us had picked up our luggage as well for which we were extremely grateful.

Each evening after dinner the General Manager Sandy Walker finds out who is going fishing the next day and makes up the pairings to go out on the boats and arranges their lunch arrangements.

After this had been done My father and I headed off to bed exhausted.


Timothy Belmont said...

Glad to hear you are both enjoying such a wonderful time; most civilized; makes me envious!


Sandy said...

Have a great time Craig. Enjoy the Delphi hospitality!