20 Mar 2006

My Bird Books

As I said in a previous post the first book on Birds that I ever owned was
1. James Fishers Thorburn Birds followed by
2.Collins Pocket Guide to British Birds by Fitter and Richardson (May 1957 edition 5)
3.Collins Photo Guide Birds of Prey of Britain and Europe
4.Collins New Generation Guide Birds of Britain and Europe
5. Blokes and Birds Stephen Moss
6. The Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Birds Geoff Moon
7. Collins Field Guide Bird Songs and Calls
8. To see every Bird on Earth Dab Koeppel
9. Arrivals and Rivals; A birding oddity Adrian Riley

I have recently finished the book by Dan Koeppel about his father chasing all over the world to see about 8200 birds so far!!!! Quite an enjoyable read a bit boring in the first few chapters discussing his background and where he came from but then it gets more interesting. I have yet to read Arrivals and Rivals but will start tonight.

I dont think that I would be that obsessive, even though my dream in the future is to spend a year trying to photograph as many species as I can in a year.

Today I went on a First Aid Course which was quite interesting, however no time for birding :-( Now my wife is accusing me of spending too much time on computer and not allowing the children on it so will be back tommorrow.

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