21 Mar 2006

RSPB "The Royal Society for Protection of Birds"

Today I offered my services as a volunteer to the RSPB in Northern Ireland.
I have offered to look after the hide on Belfast Lough from 9-1 on a Sunday morning. I have been up there on a Sunday morning a few times recently to be frustrated with the fact that it was closed. So hopefully I will start shortly. I am also going to apply for a job with the organisation as for the last fifteen years I have been involved in the catering trade in one way or another and I am tired of it now. I sometimes think why did I not get involved with an organisation like the RSPB when I left school.(At least it would have been involved with something I love. I guess its never to late to change direction.)

I visited the hide this afternoon and there were very few small birds as a male sparrowhawk had just paid a visit ;so they were all very sensibly in hiding. The weather was around 4 degrees but sunny and there were a number of black tailed godwit and ruff close to the hide, which in the sun were beautiful especially as one of the godwits was turning into summer plumage. I also met a number of other birders there,all very friendly and ready to let one look through their scopes or cameras. (If any of you are reading this it is much appreciated.)

I then went home and took Pickle out to Killard where I saw two more birds to my year list
104. Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria
105. Bar Tailed Godwit Limosa lapponica

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